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Here are a few of the shows that we've helped create, pitch, pilot, graphics, hosted, broadcasted and distribute on-demand:

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Case Study: Season 1 of "Fuzzy Lawgic;

Legal, Social and Ethical Creator Considerations"

We expect this level of commitment requires 3-5 hours of work per week, from a team of 3 - 5 individual humans. 

Use this place to take-on passion projects, dream topics & build Teams around a shared concept.

Season 1 of Fuzzy Lawgic

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We promote, develop and distribute the most creative approaches to your launches

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Our core offering is Numerous Perspectives.


We're like other media companies, except we're also a professional development company. Developing your creativity, leadership, organization and media, are our priorities.


We're like other development groups, except we add simulcasting, digital branding and a content library built for creators by creators. Imagine your content on "baby Ntflix" -- that would be cool, right?


We are podcasters, YouTubers, Streamers, Gamers, Animators, Screenwriters, Talk show Hosts, Instructors, Teachers, Coaches, Consultants, Moms, Dads, Brothers, Uncles, Veterans, Criminals... what you see on our channel is us. Is life with less filters, more honesty and thought leading conversations. 

NumoSpect represents all that we can be, not all that they let us be.

You Do You; We'll add some glitter.

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There's more to us than art

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