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Hours: 592

Streams: 560

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Podcast Episodes: 24

Downloads: 887

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Music Promotions

Artists worked with: 1

Artists with charted songs: 1

Streaming destination platforms: NumOspect Creators Streaming app; YouTube; Facebook; Twitch; LinkedIn; Kick; Twitter; embeds for webpages

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We seek collaboration, not competition.

There is one company that approaches our industries the way we do. We serve individuals, and we adapt to reflect their needs.

But there will only ever be one of you.

And because of that, only one of us, too.

While metrics are useful and required in our business, it is only one way to experience us.

Commitment to Concept Development

Months: 10

Weeks: 43

Days Committed: 301

Hours in Development: 2,500+ 

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