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Here you can see the quote out some of my premium content like for example number one then number two and of course last but not least number three.
Daniel Michaels, On twitter
Daniel Michaels
On twitter
In the tumultuous business of cutting-in and attending to a whale, there is much running backwards and forwards among the crew. Now hands are wanted here, and then again.
Peter Martin, On twitter
Peter Martin
On twitter
Portland ugh fashion axe Helvetica, YOLO Echo Park Austin gastropub roof party. Meggings cred before they sold out messenger bag, ugh fashion axe Pitchfork tousled.
Jacob Carr, On twitter
Jacob Carr
On twitter

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Sales Date, Q3, 2023

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Since June 2022:

+ $1,300 new cash ($1,800 on year)

+ $3,410 new orders ($2,300 on year)

+ $5,000 in "direct monetization" via our Brand Deals Aisle ($2,300 on year)

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  • 399 hours of exclusive content

Top Brand Deal Agencies

6/19/22 - 6/19/23:

  1. $158K - Night

  2. $26K - TBN Productions

  3. $4K - di$

  4. $49K - Common Leaders, LLC

Commitment to Concept Development

Current Corporate Version 5.0

Months: 28

Weeks: 123

Days Committed: 863

Hours in Development: 12,150+