What is NumoSpect?

Our name was inspired by the words

"Numerous" "Perspectives" 

All NumoSpect Labs are available live &on-demand

20 + VOD Creator Labs per month

10 + Creator Lab Live Q&A 

5 + Creator Lab Networking events

5 + Agent Labs events between sponsors, vendors, investors and our Media Agents

Our ecosystems promote creative & strategic around media dev, 100% of the time

We are Net flicks for Independent Creators

We build communities around your brand

We work with you to create a compelling shows, brands and new businesses.

We are media & creative development

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Like Hollywood,

For Indie & Freelance Creators

Accessible on all devices: iOS, Android, MACs, PCs

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Trevor Tomion

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SCHEDULE with Trevor

Ally to those that are looking for one. Creator, thinker, disruptor, artist, development consultant.

Designed, developed and delivered led hundreds of workshops.

Served everyone from job seekers to executives of multinational organizations.


Bri Campano

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Community & Connections are what drive me, add to that my passion to help Indie Creators shine and you get a Clever Biotch! Connect with me if you are tired of going solo and want solid team support.


Transform Your Reach

EACH Creator is assigned a primary development consultant.

EACH Investor is assigned to exclusive seat on our Advisory Board.

Grow your network of supporters.

Get Genuine Growth.

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