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Creators who meet 50/50 goals, instant boost to collect 95/5 on your content earnings. 

Contract remains effective as long as you are active in your plan.

Active requires weekly, 15 minute submissions and 15 minutes of consumption. 

Consumption requires helpful, constructive feedback to the Creator of the piece you consume.

All Creators are eligible to pursue brand deals, revenue generation and capital investment.

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UNLOCK our Creative Agent Package

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EARN enough TRUST points to become a celebrity creator promoter!

only the transaction cost to access to our library for 6 months!

AWARDS include: Monthly, Quarterly, and annual cash / software access & upgrade packs / mentor access / ad reads / ad packages / 1-print discount codes / creator rookie cards

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Earn $15 back each quarter for watching and leaving on-point comments from  #humansonly ($5 per month back)

Watch 1 hour of content per month and leave public feedback with 3 creators on the NumoSpect App, each month, to collect your kickback :-)

Great content, access to up & coming digital influencers and a chance to help us out a BUNCH by providing some of your time and feedback.

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Analyze us! Evaluate our Creations! Share support & resources! Have FUN!

Pre-releases from our celebrities, behind-the-scenes conversations with top creator teams, and guidance from tech, education, entertainment, business & creative INDUSTRY LEADERS. 

Common Leaders is the host for your leadership content.

Numerous Perspectives Media presents you, being you, with all the glitter and hype we can make stick. 

Together, Common Leaders & numOspect media facilitates the most dynamic collaborations across industries and experience levels, of any media or leadership group in the galaxy. 

Development, Values, Futurism, Presentation, Ethics, Glamour, Creativity, and Numerous Perspectives are our ingredients for leadership.