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October 17
• Edited (Oct 17, 2023)
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Check these brands out to solve some of your Creator Woes!

October 14
• Edited (Oct 30, 2023)

I went with this for my updated LinkedIn. It's a selfie from a solo video promo I ran recently.

The glow comes from a duplicate photo, with the background removed, and an added blur effect. The blurred photo is then recolored with a pink effect, creating the pink, glow, outline you see. After the pink glow is set, a 3rd, photo of me without BR is added and layered to the front. This copy was sharpened and warmed for increased impact in smaller images.

The final step was adjusting where the 3rd, clear photo rests in front of the pink glow.

Utilizing Adobe Express's background removal tool left some sharp edges around my hair. Because of the unique angles of that hair and the shoulder edges being so sharp/dark, it took a few tries to get the layout to pop, without looking smudgy behind my head.

Drop your photo along with some of the "whys" behind what we see!


Thank You!


More than Music - Omoghéné

Pizzazz with Topaz brings you new artist Omoghéné. Omoghéné...
October 14
October 09

$475 OBO

2 full pieces of art that utilize acrylic and neon paints, with 6 layers of clear coat to protect as long as possible.

Main piece in center of board includes mixed media, including a Thai Chili pepper from San Diego Seed Company seeds, and grown by me for past 18 months. A Black Eyed Susan, started a few months ago in summer 2023, also adds to this exploration of color depth, textures and even some soil trapt against time for you to adore.

The 2nd art on installation in this fully operational board, that boasts top-end gear from Soul Grind Skate Shop in San Diego, CA, is a one of a kind interpretation of the word and visual concept that is "create." It utilizes my personal favorite colors of current: faded black; deep pink and alive orange.

On the back end under flipper, you'll find a 12 layer signature TAT, representing the initials of our painter.

Included in this piece: the artwork; the board (blank from SoulGrind; Tony Hawk Tucks; bushings; and spitfire, 88 32 wheels.

Grip tape is standard black, nameless grip tape.


Building a Skateboard Holder

Building a Skateboard Holder
October 09

What's your wish for every other human to experience?

September 29
• Edited (Sep 29, 2023)

Hello from Founder Trevor!

Welcome to the Pre-Game Party!

September 29
• Edited (Sep 29, 2023)

Hello from Founder Trevor!

Welcome to the Pre-Game Party!

September 12

share your fav plant inh the comments or in a new pic post :-)

September 12


August 27, 2022
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Welcome (back) to the NumoSpect Original Flavor community page!

I am grateful that you're reading this and hope this proves to be a worthwhile use of your precious time :-).

Yesterday, 8/26/22 (Friday), at 10:33ish AM, PST, NumoSpect Live leapt into the dark sky of a daily variety show!

Think Arsenio Hall / Dick Cavatt meets Rob Dyrdek / Kanye West. This show is going to start awkward and slow, like all great stories, no doubt.

If I'm a part of it, you can count on some awkward moments :-).

As you enter this forum, I ask that you A, # 1, firstly - express yourself; B, respect humans and the intense imperfections that we all carry around.

If you do those things, this should be really bleeping fun!

Thank You for being here!

With love,