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August 27, 2022


Welcome (back) to the NumoSpect Original Flavor community page!

I am grateful that you're reading this and hope this proves to be a worthwhile use of your precious time :-).

Yesterday, 8/26/22 (Friday), at 10:33ish AM, PST, NumoSpect Live leapt into the dark sky of a daily variety show!

Think Arsenio Hall / Dick Cavatt meets Rob Dyrdek / Kanye West. This show is going to start awkward and slow, like all great stories, no doubt.

If I'm a part of it, you can count on some awkward moments :-).

As you enter this forum, I ask that you A, # 1, firstly - express yourself; B, respect humans and the intense imperfections that we all carry around.

If you do those things, this should be really bleeping fun!

Thank You for being here!

With love,