November 14
• Edited (Nov 14, 2023)

🎉Welcome to TUE$DAY! 💲

LIVE Today:

  1. 🏈"DOINKs of Week 10 in the National Fantasy League (N.F.L.)"

    1. 12:30, PST 🥪

  2. 🎨"November 14th, 2023" Daily Creators Update Show

    1. 4:30 PM, PST🗼

  3. 👩‍💻"Creating a Server for You" Discord for Dummies

    1. 5:00 PM, PST📶


  1. THE JUDGEMENT - Tuesdays is Judgement Day on the NumoSpect Media Circus with Bri & Trevor

  2. THE BUSINESS - Episode One (1) of "Fuzzy Lawgic for Creators" is our first dive into the "between" part of the phrase "reading between the lines" regarding the state of the Creator and Podcast Industries. Join the @fuzzylawgic team of Gordon Firemark, Elsie Escobar, Trevor Tomion and Bri Campano. 

  3. THE GARDEN - watering the garden + dancing from the Past

Photo Caption: I was married in 2017, surrounded by my parent, grandparents, besties and siblings. This is part of the crew celebrating.

What do you think of the vibes here? I edited the photo heavily on color, only. My goal was to give it old school vibes. 

Thanks for being here and reading!


AI in the Creator Industry:...

Welcome to Fuzzy Lawgic! In this episode, Elsie Escobar and...