October 14
• Edited (Oct 30, 2023)

I went with this for my updated LinkedIn. It's a selfie from a solo video promo I ran recently.

The glow comes from a duplicate photo, with the background removed, and an added blur effect. The blurred photo is then recolored with a pink effect, creating the pink, glow, outline you see. After the pink glow is set, a 3rd, photo of me without BR is added and layered to the front. This copy was sharpened and warmed for increased impact in smaller images.

The final step was adjusting where the 3rd, clear photo rests in front of the pink glow.

Utilizing Adobe Express's background removal tool left some sharp edges around my hair. Because of the unique angles of that hair and the shoulder edges being so sharp/dark, it took a few tries to get the layout to pop, without looking smudgy behind my head.

Drop your photo along with some of the "whys" behind what we see!


Thank You!


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